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Madewell Sale! 25% off with code DEALWITHIT

Madewell Sale! 25% off with code DEALWITHIT

I know I know I know… you are bombarded this time of year with sales and gift guides and money spending and you are about OVER people trying to get you to buy things. Every time I refresh my email I have about 35 more emails trying to get me to spend my money…. (maybe I should have an unsubscribe party 🤔).

I get it. I am just here to tell you what might be a great deal if you are like me and love Madewell, but prefer the prices of Forever 21. There a few things I have bought at Madewell that were worth it, but several things that weren’t. To be honest, the reviews typically nail the worth of items on the head, I always read them before doing anything. There are a few things from Madewell I wear several times/week and therefore find them worth every penny (I am really trying to learn to invest in quality pieces that will last, but sometimes the price tag reallllllly makes it tough!).

One thing I have found that are WELL worth it are the jeans. The ones I bought were on sale and still a splurge, but I wear them 4 or so times/week!

This pair is only $52!

with the code ‘dealwithit’, which is amazing because they are normally $135. They hold in your bits SO WELL!

I bought these

They were still a splurge but the button front jeans are my go-to! Originally $135, around $101 with the code!

These are the ones I’ve had forever

My very first Madewell splurge, I wear them every chance I get. Originally $135, around $101 with the code!

Love these!

They are so cute, but there is a great dupe for them!

I want you to keep an open mind here, but American Eagle has a ton of great dupes for so much cheaper! And I’ve never had a problem with quality. I know you are thinking “I am no longer 15, AE is so old and played out!” Well, I’ve added a few things to this post that may change your mind….

Perfect dupe!

These are a great dupe, and only $29!

Back to the sale..

This Madewell staple is only $13 right now! That’s a Forever 21 price if I’ve ever seen one.

This cute shirt!

Only $26, although most button-up shirts I’ve found to be too big and fit a bit off :/

This one is also $26

And such a great staple piece!


I’m obsessed. The reviews are amazing! I’m just so sad they aren’t in my size 😭 only $59

This top!

The red is only $8!! Blue is around $18. A steal.

Love this one.

$22 bucks. Forever 21 prices.

Love this sweater!

If I’m being honest, it’s still $67 which is still a bit pricey… see my dupes below!

This time of year we all want cozy sweaters, but $60-$120 a pop just seems silly for the Madewell and Free People’s of the world. I love them, but believe me when I say I do my research to find similar things for cheaper. Not quite at Forever 21 because those always fall apart. Enter, once again, American Eagle. Keep an open mind!

Love this!

And the reviews are killer. $29!

Love the slouchy look of this!

Saw Rachel Parcell in almost the same thing from her shop, this is $29, I may get it again in more colors!

Similar to urban Outfitters!

Such a cute color block! $29!

Ordered this in white!

For $29!


I die! $35!

Who doesn’t love a good cardigan?

Over $100 at Madewell, AE dupe around $35!

Love the fun colors and “Christmas Vacation” vibes


Last but not least

Madewell dupe. $101 there, $35 at AE. Plus they come in short and long sizes. Some Madewell do too, but not typically the cropped pants.

There you have it! That was long winded, but I thought I would share. Happy Tuesday!

PS. Linked are the other things I am wearing in the thumbnail…

The sweater I am wearing

Linked here!

And my favorite boots!

Linked here!

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