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Gift Guide to gifts that are... wait for it... actually affordable!

Gift Guide to gifts that are... wait for it... actually affordable!

Hey party people!

I know it’s getting late in the year for gift guides but hear me out. I have seen so many gift guides and all of them had gifts that I would never be buying or be able to afford if I spent that much on everyone on my list! $200 earrings are nice, but who can spend $200 on every person PLUS get everything for their kids? Not this girl. One had a pair of tennis shoes that are $550 and I literally laughed out loud. Good for you if you spend $550 on a mom or sister for Christmas, but I can’t relate. I figured there have GOT to be others out there like me, so I put together a list of places people like to get nice gifts but all with things that are completely affordable. Madewell, Free People, Anthropologie, and some small businesses I LOVE. Take a look!

Ps. Most, if not all, of these places have free shipping and/or last minute shipping options to get here before Christmas.


Obsessed with this lip last!

$22, but you can save 10% with code MistRichins10 👍🏼

Gold Hoops, Madewell

Need I say more? Only $28, plus 25% with code VERYMERRY

Matching beanies!

We love Slouch, and have bought beanies from them since before Maddux! $18 or less.

Cute litter bag for the car!

I bought one of these for all my sisters and mom for Mother’s Day. Perfect gift for the person who has everything! $25

For the beauty lover

Who doesn’t love a good Chrissy Teigen collaboration? $29

Free People Sunnies

Most Free People sunglasses are surprisingly affordable for their brand. $20!

This book changed me

I’m pretty sure any woman could get something valuable from it. $23

Speaking of Rachel Hollis

Her start today journal practices are amazing. I have talked about them several times here. This journal helps with that!

Made by Mary necklace

This choker is so pretty, $32. I have a personalized necklace from here I LOVE that was closer to $50.

Sweetest Heart Necklace

Carteo has beautiful and all original jewelry. $30.

Thread phone cases & wallets

Love my phone case, and the wallets are so handy! $29 or less

Anthropology Journal

Who doesn’t love something monogramed? $18

This beanie! So cute

Only $19!

Pretty Macrame

Only $29

Gorgeous Necklace

$44 but currently half off at Loft plus free shipping

That AirPods cover!

So neat! Love it. $29.

Trendy earrings

$34, but half off at Loft and free shipping!

I have and LOVE LOVE this scarf


Madewell necklace

$25 and so pretty! Also 25% off with code VERYMERRY

One more cute beanie!


Similar to the next item, but different

I LOVE these, keeps things cold and is so pretty! $20

I have two Simple Modern bottles


Portable phone charger

$39, and such a convenient thing to have

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