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March Charitable Company Shoutout

March Charitable Company Shoutout

Happy first day of Spring (yesterday...)! I don't know if it counts as spring, though, because we have yet ANOTHER snow storm coming this evening 🙄 

To put that depressing subject behind me, I have something fun to talk about! ...Spring! Summer! Pool weather! Beach weather! Sunshine! Sunglasses! For this month's non-sponsored-charitable company I want to shoutout a company I have been using for almost a year now - DIFF Eyewear! You may remember this photo from our adventure to Sedona, AZ...


Or maybe this post if you follow me on instagram (@theadventuresofmomandi)


Or even this photo from our Ragnar Relay if we are Facebook friends!


These are just a few of the times I was documented while wearing DIFF sunglasses, not to mention the times I wear them that I don't document. They are fashionable, fit my face better than any other sunglasses I've ever owned, and they have charitable donation as a part of their business plan! In the words of Michael Scott, "win, win, win!" For every pair of sunglasses purchased from Diff, they donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in need. Read more about their mission and charitable giving through the link!

I picked DIFF this month because they are currently celebrating spring solstice with a day called "DIFF DAY" - meaning an awesome discount! They currently have up to 50% off on all of their frames AND they are giving away TWO pairs of reading glasses to those in need during the sale. I personally have my eye on the Dash design with the matte black lenses 😏 

I'm wearing the Becky frames (both with the pink and gold lenses) and the Cruz in all the photos you see here. If you are looking for something to get you in the sunshine mood while welcoming spring and also supporting a great cause, check these guys out! 

Happy Wednesday!

Ps. All of the photos below were edited using the Cool Tones Preset found at! We were sick of paying anywhere from $50-$150 for quality presets so we created some for a VERY affordable price! See more about them through the link below!

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