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Bandwaggoners unite! NSALE, coming your way!

Bandwaggoners unite! NSALE, coming your way!

Alright friends, I claimed yesterday that I am no fashion blogger, yet here I am hopping on the bandwagon about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Don't get me wrong, I fully support not shopping a sale just because there is a sale... but I have gotten in the habit of waiting until the NSALE to snag a few things that I like to invest a little more money while they are a better deal (like a winter coat for Maddi, for example... last year he had the cutest North Face jacket for the harsh New England winters and I bought it in July at the NSALE). IF you have a few things you like to invest in, it's smart to grab them at the better price. Agreed?!

So, here is just a little list of the things I purchased at the NSALE this year that I am stoked about. Sorry I don't have any pictures in them, I am in Arizona and had them shipped home to Massachusetts. 



First thing's first, my favorite bra EVER. Literally, I have never had a bra where I wasn't counting down the minutes until I could take it off until this one! This thing is the softest, most amazing thing I have ever put on my body. I loved it so much I ordered another one. Although - KEEP IN MIND - I have not tried on this exact fit. The one I have is not the racerback and I haven't tried this particular one on yet. The reviews aren't as good, but hopefully I love it just as much because this one is on sale and that one is not, haha.

This Nike sweatshirt, because I love lounging on Sunday afternoons and on airplanes in a good sweatshirt. I still wear my Adidas sweatshirt from last year's NSALE every other day.

These socks for my husband. They are his favorite, I get them every year!

I ordered this in two colors, the beige and the grey. I will likely take one back after I try them on (I'm not made of money ;) but I live in New England, so warm clothing is a must! Plus, Nordstrom has THE BEST return policy.

I bought all three of us matching North Face jackets 😳 I know that may be a little out of control, but they were such a good deal, and once again it's COLD where we live! This is for my husband...

And mine....

And for Maddux...

A fun colorful sweater - because COLORFUL and FUN and did I mention the cold weather?

Lastly, some fun flare jeans! I like to buy one fun trendy item every year. I may not keep them because MOST jeans are too long on me unless they offer petite sizes, but I thought I would try them out!

OOPS! Nearly forgot a fun pair of booties. I don't always buy some of these, but then EVERY YEAR I buy 10 cheap pairs on Amazon trying to find a good dupe and they always end up being garbage, so this year I opted for one GOOD pair of booties for the fall 😂

If you made it this far, thanks for being a good sport!

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