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Answers to my most asked question... HAIR PRODUCTS!

Answers to my most asked question... HAIR PRODUCTS!

Hi there, friends!

I know I have been MIA for a while now. We closed on our house at the end of December and have been working like crazy to make sure we finish a bunch of projects as quickly as possible. We are taking out walls, painting, replacing countertops, changing out fixtures, cleaning carpets and trying to be parents and start a business as well. Life is insane! We hope to focus on it for one more week and then have everything mostly done so we can focus on projects and Maddux once again.

I did want to hop on really quickly and share the products I use on my hair because it is a question I get ALL the time. My hair is all mine (no extensions) and I always get questions about both the tools I use and the stuff I put on it. If I have this done, I can just reference people to this from now on!

My favorite thing to talk about right now is my Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer. This is what I use when my hair is straight and any time I shower and then get ready immediately after. It works so well, so quickly and gives me so much volume. I literally go from post-shower wet hair to hair I can leave the house in in just a few minutes! I love love love it. I made my sister use it when she was visiting and she loved it too. Way better than a normal hair dryer!

One step hair dryer

My newest Obsession!

Because I sometimes am not in a hurry OR just need to finish drying my hair quickly to curl it after letting it air dry overnight (my hair is so thick it NEVER dries fully overnight), I use this hair dryer. It works great and is relatively fast, no complaints.

Hair Dryer

My mom bought me this and I love it!

A few years ago I stopped using a curling iron (unless I am in a SUPER hurry) because I borrowed my sister’s hair wand and was amazed at how well it held my curls! They last for days when I use this. It’s from Target, super inexpensive and works great.

Curling Wand

This holds my hair so much better than a curling iron!

Because I have blonde hair that tends to start getting brassy a few weeks after coloring, I always keep a purple shampoo and conditioner to use a couple times a week in the shower. I have found it’s not necessary to use it every wash, but every other wash or so I use it to keep the cooler tones in my blonde hair!

Purple Shampoo to maintain BLONDE

Only use 2-3 times/week

Conditioner for the same reason

Once again, only a couple times/week

The other shampoo and conditioner I use is from Tigi called S-Factor. They have been my favorites for years. They smell DIVINE! I started using them because the bottle used to say it was made from cashmere and pearls which sounded so luxurious (I was a marketing major and good packaging really speaks to me) that I bought it, and ended up loving it enough to continue buying it!

Favorite regular shampoo

For normal washes

Favorite regular condition

For normal days as well!

I also love using S-Factor hairspray just because of the smell and loving the brand. Truthfully, I don’t use hairspray often but when I have baby fly-aways from having a kid two years ago, I give them a quick spritz with this!

Favorite Hairspray

Smells wonderful!

This leave-in product is great to pair along with the toning purple shampoo. I use it every other time I wash my hair and just rub it through after my shower/before I dry. Perfect for blondies!

Favorite leave-in product

Also helps maintain blonde tones!

This is a product my mom turned me on to, and every girl in my family uses it. I use it when my hair is starting to feel frizzy. It’s just a little product to rub through your dry hair to add shine! Love it.

Favorite product to reduce frizz & add shine

My mom got me hooked on this as well!

And that’s it! I really don’t use a ton of products on my hair, mostly out of laziness haha but these are the things I use on a regular basis. Hope it helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions!

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