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The BEST cosmetic/makeup bag money can buy!

The BEST cosmetic/makeup bag money can buy!

Hey friends!

For Monday Musings I am going to talk about my company, ZAZA by Richins, and why it is the best cosmetic bag money can buy.

For YEARS, I have searched for the perfect cosmetic bag. I am not a huge makeup girl, but I do wear it daily and also like to have my contacts, moisturizer, hair ties, bobby bins, etc close by as well. I have tried so many different bags and all of them hit either one category or the other: cute on the outside OR functional on the inside. None of them ever ever ever hit both requirements at once! After much trial and error with choosing a bag, I found a design that I liked and was exactly as functional is it needed to be, and went to work to make the outside something I loved as well. I do not love wild color combinations or crazy patterns. I don’t want a loud, glittery thing or something I feel I need to stash away to not be seen in my bathroom. I use it so often I wanted it to look nice and beautiful and stylish so if I left it out, I wouldn’t be embarrassed if someone saw it hanging out. I wanted it to be high-quality and to look the part as well.

Enter: the Amber Bag.

Completely functional on the inside. Customizable interior with the ability to move and rearrange according to individual needs. Places to keep brushes, my hair ties and contact lenses, and even big enough to fit an eye shadow palette. Take all these things and add: beautiful! Vegan leather exterior, smooth and soft handle, gorgeous golden hardware and additional storage. Wipeable and easily cleaned. The perfect storm: functional AND beautiful to look at!

I created this bag with intention. I wanted It to be quality. Not something you will need to replace every other month. Not something you felt embarrassed to have out and around. I was willing to invest in something I used ever single day, and I know you are too.

People are pretty on the inside, but it’s okay to want your cosmetic bag to be beautiful on the outside too.

Watch the video to see how much can fit in a ZAZA bag!

If you are interested in purchasing one, you can find them at the button below!

I’ve had a few questions about why I named by brand ZAZA. Maddux (my baby boy) had a significant speech delay for a while. When naming our brand, I wanted to choose something that meant something to us. I wanted it to remind me of Maddux, but not be named after him so our future children didn’t feel left out. ZAZA was the only word he could say for a LONG time. Not even a word, really, just a sound he made ALL THE TIME. I thought it was so precious that he was trying so hard to communicate with us. It became a special little word that reminded me of my little buddy who was trying and working hard at something that didn’t come easy or natural to him. Nothing in my life that I have succeeded in has come easy or natural to me. School, sports, jobs… I wasn’t naturally gifted at any of it. I worked and worked and worked until it happened for me, much like Maddux. The word ZAZA represented perseverance and determination. That is why it was special to us, and why we decided to go with it.

We hope you will check out and support us in this new venture, as we have plans to continue to add new colors and products and become the leader in the cosmetic bag industry.

Happy Monday! We hope you have the best week!

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