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12 Things Maddux Does I Never Want to Forget

12 Things Maddux Does I Never Want to Forget

Today Maddux was swimming in his little kiddie pool and he yelled to me, '“mama shwim!” I changed in to a swimsuit and went and played with him, and it was the best things ever. Since then, I have been thinking about all the cute things he does and how I love him SO MUCH AND I AM EMOTIONAL AND NOSTALGIC. I wanted to document a couple of the funny things he does that I never want to forget. Without further adieu, here they are:

  1. When we are making popcorn in the microwave, he wants me to pick him up so he can see the “pop-pop” go “round and round and round”. He then always wants “mom-mom spin round and round and round” so we spin around the kitchen while he laughs and laughs.

  2. Likewise, he always hands me his apples before eating them and tells me “round and round and round” meaning he wants me to take off the stem by spinning it round and round.

  3. He calls Spiderman “Elum-ilum” every. single. time. I can tell him “say spider” … “pider” … “say man” … “man” … “say Spiderman” ………. “Elum-ilum.” Kills me dead every time.

  4. Warning: this is tacky and tasteless… He calls out EVERYONE when they burp or toot. Every time. “Mama burp!” “Dada burp!” even in public places. SUCH A BOY!

  5. He makes his little cousin Gray laugh pretty hard… then Maddi starts laughing back at him. Then they just go back and forth giggling at each other forever and it’s the CUTEST thing you have ever seen.

  6. At night during his prayers, I start to say, “I’m thankful for…” and he starts listing people off. Papa, Nana, Mom-mom, Dada, Ty-yay, Ci-Ci, Gray, Har-wee, Wooce, and on and on and on to make sure he doesn’t miss any of his family…. <3

  7. Every night when he goes to bed he needs his milk, base (blanket) and shark (a GIANT shark he found at Bass Pro, it’s bigger than him). Every morning when he wakes up… he comes waddling out of his room all sleepy-eyed with his arms full of his milk, base and shark. Literally dragging and tripping over the shark because it’s bigger than him. It’s SO CUTE.

  8. Every time he sees a flying bug he yells, “SHOO-FLY!”

  9. If he hits someone (on purpose or accident) he immediately goes to kiss them and say sorry…. but it’s always a kiss on the place that he hit. Sometimes it gets pretty awkward (like once when he hit a grown man/stranger on the upper thigh on accident, the “I’m sorry” kiss was uncomfortable for everyone).

  10. He describes everything as BIG. I want to take a BIG nap. I want a BIG juice. Give mom-mom a BIG kiss. I want a BIG pu-prise.

  11. He calls Starburts a “pu-prise”. He tells me he wants a pink “prize” and if I give it to him he immediately comes back with “orange prize, red prize, ew-wo (yellow) prize…” and names them all to try to get every color.

  12. He calls smaller and bigger things “mama and baby.” If he has two dinosaurs and one is bigger than the other, one is the mama and one is the baby. The cute part is he always says “baby Rex” in a sing-songy voice like he thinks the baby version is the cutest thing he has ever seen.

I know everyone loves their kid… but MAN I love my kid.

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