Must Have Travel Items for Traveling with a Toddler

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Inflatable Travel Bed

We took this on a road trip to Zion, and a flight back and forth to Alaska. We put it in a carry-on (along with a few other items) and it worked great. Maddux loved it, and it was perfectly safe!

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ZAZA Travel Cosmetic Bag

You know how obsessed I am with this customizable cosmetic bag. It fits all my makeup, plus deodorant, hair brushes, palettes… it’s completely made to work for YOU.

Diaper Bag

I have had several different diaper bags. This is my most recent one and I love it. If you use the Fringe program, you can get it at a discount!

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Reusable Swim Diapers

I am so sad I didn’t think of/discover these earlier in life. I can’t tell you how much money I have spent on new packs of swim diapers. Maddux is starting swim lessons soon and have them at hotel pools is so convenient!

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My Favorite Sandals

Once again, perfect for the splash pad, river, lakes, small hikes, pretty much every adventure! Love them and always bring them on trips because I like to wear shoes… even in the hotel rooms haha.

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Packing Cubes for Maddux

I usually pack Maddux in I in one large suitcase and Seth packs his own smaller bag. I use two different types of cubes so I can easily differentiate which one belongs to who. They are Amazon Basics and they have held up great for a couple years!

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Gathre Mat

I bought this mat a couple of years ago and have used it countless times. It’s great for picnic outings, camping, keeping with you if you are stopping at the park. Anytime you want to set down your child/baby outside it comes in handy!

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Stroller Organizer

It’s so convenient to have somewhere to throw your drink, a child sippy cup, keys, phone and other miscellaneous things. It’s a must-have!

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Tubby Todd Bath Soap & Lotion

We have been using Tubby Todd for about a year and we LOVE their products. I usually fill my travel sized soap containers with these few favorites for all of our trips!

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Another Bag ;)

This is another favorite diaper bag! This one has a fold-out changing table included which is GENIUS.

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Munchie Mug

This little invention is genius. It holds snacks for kids with a little material open top that allows kids to access the snacks and feed themselves without spilling. It’s the best thing ever.

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Organizational Bags

I LOVE THESE BAGS! I use the smallest 3 in my purse. One to hold my things (gum, sunglasses, tylenol, hair ties, etc.), one to hold go-to Maddi things (diaper, wipes, sunscreen, kids Motrin, etc), and one to hold pads and tampons. The biggest one I put in my suitcase to hold all my extras (hair scarves, contact solution, self-tanner, etc). They are so convenient!

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Portable Charger

I recently bought this so I could charge my phone while I was in Zion for two days camping. I had bought a smaller/cheaper one but my husband didn’t like that it didn’t have a USB-c port so he exchanged it for this one. It’s been great so far!

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Fanny Pack

The perfect on-the-go bag for mama! It’s perfect for water parks and concerts or anywhere where bags can be an issue, plus it’s cute and convenient in places like Disneyland. I have a couple from this company and the quality is amazing!

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Stroller Hooks

Whether it’s used to hang your diaper bag, shopping bags, purse or baby toys these hooks are the most convenient accessory you can add to your stroller.

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Travel Bottles

I have flown with these a couple of times and have never had a problem with them leaking. They are great and hold a good amount of liquid. I usually do shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and Maddi’s Tubby Todd Soap in them.

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Wet Bag for Swim Suits

I recently found these bags through my friend Meghan (@meghankingsford) and thought they were genius! I use it to put our west swim suits in. Better than a plastic bag (cheaper and better for the environment) and it’s so convenient to just shove in your diaper bag.

Favorite Kid Sandals

These sandals are my favorite for Maddux. We have used them two summers in a row now. They are perfect for babies with chubby feet. We use them at the splash pad, park, swimming, lake… pretty much everywhere. They are great water shoes and just great sandals in general.

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Packing Cubes

I have and love these packing cubes. They are great sizes and are washable and there are a ton of them! I also use the smaller pink bag to hold my liquid travel bottles in case they leak!

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Sand Proof Beach Blanket

This beach blanket has holes so the sand goes through it instead of tracking it back to your car. Pretty much needs no justification!

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Portable Tripod

It’s not exactly, but it holds my full frame camera and before my husband came around with us a lot, this is what took all of my photos.