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Life Update!

Life Update!

Today I am going to try to emulate something my favorite blogger of all time does (shoutout Amber Fillerup, the queen of hair and pretty pictures) and do a list-type post with a little life update! Because our lives have sort of been in limbo for a while it’s probably coming across a little random online (because honestly - it is! Haha).

  1. We are in the process of buying a house in AZ! I am hesitant to post that because so many things can happen to keep it from going through, so know if it falls through that I’m just trying to be transparent! That’s life. The sale of our home in Massachusetts fell through 3-4 times so it’s a roller coaster to buy and sell homes.

  2. I am so excited for some of the changes I want to make to the home we are buying. It doesn’t have a ton of work that needs done, but I love spending time making small and inexpensive changes to make a home exactly our style. I can’t stay off Amazon and Target trying to shop for the new house, but I am trying to restrain myself since we currently have NOWHERE to put anything (we are staying in my parent’s in-law suite that’s not as big as our bedroom was in our last home so it’s been a bit squishy - but we are so thankful for their hospitality!).

  3. I am currently planning a trip to Disneyland (hopefully in the next couple of weeks!). I am stoked. We are close to trying for a 2nd baby, so I reallllly want to go enjoy Disney before I get pregnant and can’t go on any of the rides, haha.

  4. I just pulled the trigger on investing in something I have been working on for a while. I am stressing but also stoked to try to put something out in the world! Production will take forever but I’ll be sure to update you guys when I have the product ready to go!

  5. We are also working on investing in something with my parents and I am excited for it. It taps in to my love of travel AND my love for interior design so it will be such a fun project!

  6. I just bought this bag from Freshly Picked to use as a type of computer bag/briefcase and I am obsessed with it! I love it! I bought it during their black friday sale and used up some of the money I had built up being a fringe member for a couple of months and got a smoking deal on it. It’s so pretty and so functional if you’re looking for a great bag that doesn’t scream I’M A MOM!!!


Love Freshly Picked!

Click the photo for the link!

7. We watched Smallfoot last night for the first time and I love it. That’s not a life update, just a PSA that everyone needs to go see it immediately!

Hope you have a great week!

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