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Our favorite adventure from April - Washington DC for the Cherry Blossoms!

Our favorite adventure from April - Washington DC for the Cherry Blossoms!

Hey-o! Day 4 of our re-cap is brought to you by our favorite adventure from April!

The Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC.

You guys, YOU HAVE TO DO THIS. Add this to your Bucket List. Make it a goal and GET THERE!

We have been to DC twice in the last year and the experiences were night and day. The first one was for the 4th of July which, while neat, was literally the hottest day in the existence of human kind. I truly thought Maddux may end up in the hospital with heat stroke regardless of the water he was drinking, the fountain he played in and all the icy drinks we tried to fill him with. It was insane, and miserable. Never again in July!

April was a completely different story. The weather was incredible. Perfect, really. And although there were hundreds of thousands of people there to see the same thing I was there to see, I didn’t care. It was so beautiful, how could I blame them?

Making the decision to go to see them was such a fun process. I had NO idea how specific you have to be about when to go there in order to hit the blossoms just right. There is an actual website ( that updates every single day in anticipation for the peak bloom. It’s based on current and past weather as well as what they are predicting. I actually made a hotel reservation for one week and then there was a freeze nobody expected and it pushed the peak bloom back by about 3 weeks! Thankfully I was able to cancel and re-book my hotel (thanks, Marriott! 😉) and get there during peak week. It makes it tough to plan your trip in advance, but the spontaneity is half the fun!

It was just Maddux and I, so once again it was a long road trip alone with an 19 month old baby. He did great again! He’s a pretty east going kid. We walked around the city, ate some snacks, had some ice cream, looked at the beautiful blossoms… it was the perfect couple of days. It was also hilarious to set up my trip-pod and DSLR to take these photos when there were literally hundreds of thousands of people around 😂 Oh well, I wanted a few shots of the two of us and it was totally worth it!

The only snafu we ran in to was the drive home. It’s about an 8 hour drive back to Massachusetts and I ran in to a HUGE snowstorm. It was about 2 AM because driving while Maddux is sleeping is much easier, and I was listening to the podcast called Serial for the first time and I am driving down these creepy, winding, foggy Massachusetts roads (which all feel like backroads because highways just aren’t a thing out there) and scared out of my mind that we were going to get stuck in the snow and a serial killer was going to come after us. I was a little more aware of the potential for snowstorms after that!

All in all, it was so incredible and I want to take everyone I know back there to see this beautiful place this time of year. The history and the monuments and the energy - I love love this city!

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